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Frequently Asked Questions

Sparkling Canvas is dedicated to promoting traditional Odia food as a part of the healthy eating culture. We’ve branded our traditional Odia meals under the brand “Rasabali”.

We also believe in enriching lives with healthy baked sweets branded under “Coddle bakes”.

We showcase the healthy eating culture on a sparkling tapestry of food filled with mouth-watering goodness. To “eat right”, you do not have to restrict calories, you have to “eat the right” calories. Sparkling canvas makes “eating healthy” simpler and enjoyable.

We only deliver at specific pin codes within Mumbai and Pune.

We strive to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction in every little way possible. The “eat right” movement is distilled as one of our core values and your health is our utmost priority. We believe in:

Quality & taste of authenticity: We use 100% natural and authentic ingredients. All our meals, sweets & bakery products are prepared by traditional methods to guarantee an unmatched taste.

Showcasing Odia Food Cult: The Odia food culture showcases nutrition-enriched and healthy meals as a part of the daily eating culture. We’ve made it our mission to bring an unparalleled taste of healthy Odia goodness to most people.

Healthy Bakes: We make our own base, We choose our ingredients carefully so that you feel low on guilt while enjoying our dessert delights.

Odia Mithas : All our sweets are largely prepared from fresh chhena, Desi Cow Ghee & unsweetened dry fruits enriching your daily protein and nutrition requirements.

All our food options are made from 100% authentic, unprocessed and natural ingredients. And our dishes are power-packed with nutrition and mouth-watering goodness. We ensure that your order meets your daily dietary requirements while satisfying all your cravings.

In this era of fast food deliveries and quick-fix meals, we believe that tasty food could be healthy- if it is made “the right way with the right ingredients”.

Since our humble beginnings in 2018, we are a couple trying to co-create a healthy eating cult. Because we’re here to make an impact!