Our Story – Steering the best Odia Food

Rasabali Gourmet aims to spread the aroma of best Odia Food and best Odia Sweets to your door step beyond the State of Odisha, India.

With a vision “Not to let your Sparkles Go Dull”, SparklingCanvas focuses on “Food and Travel” as a theme that makes each one of Us happy and consequently “Rasabali Gourmet” evolved.

We prioritize the concept of “Eat Right” by offering hand picked Odia Food, Odia Sweets and Fusion dishes inspired by traditional culinary art of Odisha. The specialty about any Odia dish lies in low on oil, minimal spice levels and high on aroma. Similarly the Odia Sweets are a blend of pure dairy protein, minimal sugar or jaggery along with apt levels of fiber.

We serve each of the courses starting from a hearty Odia Snacks to a wholesome Odia Thali to a yummy Odia sweet and finally wrap it all with a traditional drinks of Odisha to immerse yourself with the aroma of authentic Odia Cuisine.

Right from the famous Dahi Bara Aloo Dum in snacks to a full bowl of nutritious Dalma in main course to a pie of “Chhena Poda” in dessert, each bite is to witness the emotion and eagerness to serve homely food in their true sense.

Experience the best of Odia cuisine with Rasabali Gourmet.

Meet Our Family

We are a couple trying to find a kick in co creating eat right life style supported by a passionate & millennial team to live & make grow the cause. We love serving the best Odia Food, the best Odia Sweets and Odia culinary fusions across your neighborhoods.

The team has a cumulative experience of more than 20 years in finance, HR, admin & not to mention cooking & baking.

Our Value

Authenticity at its Best

All our dishes right from a staple Odia dish to Odia sweets to even a piece of bakery are based on homely & traditional recipes of Odisha to fuel your daily dietary nutrition.

We Match Your Taste

The beauty of any Odia dish is such that a person who believes true homely food would find the taste to be universal & soul satiating. The spread is curated & handpicked to serve regardless of age & health.

Health is Wealth

We are passionate about our motherland Odisha & it’s healthy eating habits. The same practice flows into every recipes, serving smiles & health on a plate everyday. Our dishes are made out of fresh ingredients containing high degree of proteins, anti oxidants & required carbs to lead a healthy life style.

Pocket Friendly

Our food products are not only healthy but We constantly strive to make them more pocket friendly than your fitness trainer or health care expert.

Quality Assured

Right from pre-kitchen to your dining table, We work really hard to ensure quality.

Universalizing the taste of Odisha Globally