Chuda Ghasa

Chuda Ghasa is a flavorful recipe for the most part famous in the Odisha province of India. It is by and large presented as Bhoga during Ganesh Puja and Saraswati Puja.


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Chuda Ghasa, is a conventional recipe from Odisha, the household prasad is made of beaten poha (Flatten Rice) mixed with all fresh dry fruits & black pepper. Chuda Ghasa is offered as prasad in any puja in general, Ganesh Puja & Basant Panchami in particular. Nevertheless a great homely munchies round the clock


Box/Pouch Contains –



Ingredients –

  • Poha/Chewda, Cow Ghee, Jaggery, Pepper Powder, Cardamom, Dry Fruits, Fresh Fruits, Grated Coconuts


Why to Savour –

  • All our sweets are based on the “Eat Right belief” symbolizing the core of traditional Odia Recipes
  • Made from 100% natural fresh Chhena (Soft Paneer) / Cow Milk / Milk solids / Dry Fruits/ Fresh Fruits / Fibre cereals & no preservatives in any form
  • Great source of protein, Vitamin & Calcium
  • Support overall metabolism process, strengthen bones & immune system
  • Can be relished daily with an ideal serving size of 50 -100 gms to contribute “Eat Right Calorie” % to your daily recommended calorie intake


Best Before Disclaimer –

Before Opening:

Read the consumption advisory sticker on the lid if any

Once Open:

  • Stir for a while
  • Wait for 2 mins.
  • Cooked food may be heated for a minute or so; Containing delights may be refrigerated
  • Leftovers may be consumed with proper storage at a cool place within 4-6 hours on the day of open


  • Alternatively may be refrigerated in an air-tight container & consumed at the earliest


Other details –
Brand: Rasabali
Based on – Odia Food Tales & Eat Right belief
Country of Origin – India

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