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The holy month of Kartika overlapping October & November during every year leads to many significance for each Odia in specific & every Indian in general.

Odias’ observe many traditional festivals and rituals like “Habisa”, “Panchuka”, “Kartika Purnima” and “Boita Bandana” during this month.

Kartika Brata is observed for the whole month and important rituals that are followed include partial fasting and reading the Kartika Mahatmya from Padma Purana. A large number of pilgrims (particularly widows and women) flock to Puri to serve Lord Jagannath and observe fast.

During the entire month, they take food only once a day in the afternoon, which is known as “Habisa” and the devotees undertaking the Brata are known as “Habisiali”. They either take Mahaprasad from the temple throughout this month or prepare their own “Habisa” food with specific vegetables and pulses.

To celebrate the rich Odia Culture, Rasabali Gourmet brings you the purest form of “Panchuka Bhojan” in one of the day of last 5 days of Kartika Month known as “Panchuka”. Panchuka is considered to be highly auspicious.

Box Contains – 

Twin Serving / Family Serving

6 Course Prasad Box 

Inside (Any one per course)– 

  • Arua Arna: Plain long grain aromatic rice served with pinch of cow ghee
  • Habisa Dalma: No Onion, No Garlic, No Turmeric & minimalist permissible vegetables slow cooked  with moong dal
  • Desi Aloo Bhaja: Mati Aloo/Khamba Aloo / Desi Aloo/ Yam crispy pan fried to light yellowish texture
  • Saga: Saute amaranths with no onion & garlic
  • Bada Osha Tarana: Atakali/Tarana/Ghruta Bhoga is a special rice flour halwa/ kheer offered as prasad to Lord Shiva on Bada Osha, the most auspicious day of Panchuka. It is sweetened with goodness of Jaggery
  • Dahi Bara: Urad Bara soaked in light salty tempered yogurt
  • Kandhia Pani/Paga: Fusion water infused with the sweet & tangy flavor of mosambi (sweet lime) & green chili

Why to Savour –

  • Homely certified all day meals ticking your daily nutritional intake.
  • Be it snacks/ Subwiches/ Rolls/ Meal Combos/ Pakhala/ Biryanis/ By Kilo Food, every dish is inspired by “Eat Right” concept ticking the traditional Odia way of relishing a meal.
  • Very less oil & regulated carbs.
  • Filled with the goodness of protein, iron, vitamins & Fibres
  • Pro-diet dishes to support weight loss & weight management

Best Before Disclaimer –

Before Opening:

Read the consumption advisory sticker on the lid if any

Once Open:

  • Stir for a while
  • Wait for 2 mins.
  • Cooked food may be heated for a minute or so; Sugar contain delights may be refrigerated
  • Left overs may be consumed with proper storage at a cool place within 4-6 hours on the day of open


  • Alternatively may be refrigerated in an air tight container & consumed at the earliest


Other details –
Brand: Rasabali
Based on – Odia Food Tales & Eat Right belief
Country of Origin – India

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Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in

1/2kg (Serves 2), 1kg (Serves 4)